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Help Build a Healthy & Hunger-Free Seacoast

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Dear Friend,

It's hard to believe that hunger still exists. Even here, in the beautiful Seacoast where we are surrounded by nature's beauty and abundance, there are many people among us who go without the bare essentials when it comes to food. The people of your community need your help.

Through our core programs - Meals 4 Kids, Meals 4 Seniors, Community Supported Agriculture, Pantry to Table and our Pantry Market - we are able to serve more than 2,500 Seacoast residents each month. We provide access to fresh, healthy food in a way that preserves dignity and empowers our customers to make nutritional choices for themselves.

We believe hunger is best solved at the local level. Through your gifts, we are able to continue this important work. Your gift of:

  • $25: Can provide one local child with fresh, healthy ingredients for 10 meals and snacks, covering the gap during school vacations.
  • $50: Can provide one local senior with two home deliveries of fresh, nutritious groceries per month.
  • $100: Can provide a family fresh healthy food each month.
  • $500: Can provide milk and eggs to Pantry Market visitors.

Please consider making a recurring gift so you can support our work throughout the year.

Thank you for joining us as we work toward a hunger-free and healthy Seacoast.

In Partnership,

Deb Anthony
Executive Director